The Clash

The Clash - Bankrobber

Remember when they took him in the middle of the night

And nobody told you where he'd gone

Death in with morning light and touched your father's hand

In a hospital uptown, where your mother sat alone

For two weeks no one told you, as if it never happened

You held the hope that he was still alive

The funeral was over, no way to say goodbuy

You've never had a chance to show the tears you hold inside


I want to make it up to you somehow

Maybe there's something I have I could give you now

There's so many things you never had

Maybe it doesn't have to hurt so bad

For once in your life

There's so much that I wanted that you could never give

I just never got that I was stronger than you

It wasn't a fair fight, you bleeding on the ground

And me standing over you waiting for another round

I would tell you that I'm sorry, but I know what you would say

'Cause I think that you forgave me long ago

I really don't know why, I don't think I deserve it

Maybe a person forgives so they don't have to be alone


In our home movie I remember we're sitting in the sun

I'm crying, you're smiling at this girl of your own

And you're posing me for the camera and everyone around

And I can feel that smile now


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