The Casualties

The Casualties - Fuck You All lyrics

Fuck you...[x6]...all

How the fuck do you tell me

How to fuckin' do this song

You'll never lead my life

So you'll never understand

Why the fuck I do the things

That I do everyday

Don't come up to me

Don't you say that we are free

You can take your stupid

Love and peace power

I'm in love with beer

All you fuckin' bastards

Can just fuckin'go away

'Cause you make me sick to my brain

Fuck you, Fuck you

Fuck you....[x6]...all

All you fuckin' bastards

Try to make me sick

Every fuckin' chance you can

You try to make me fall

Every fuckin' chance you can

You try to preach to me

But you'll never understand

I just wanna be free

We are leavin', leavin' in our time

So do it fuckin' now

Every fuckin' now

Every fuckin' chance you can

You just bring me down

I can't take no more

Of all your fuckin' lies

So All I hate to say to you now is

Fuck you, Fuck you

Fuck you....[x6]..All

I don't like your kind

I never liked it before

So why why don't you just

Go away and fuckin' die now

I just had enough of it

I'm really sick of the brats

So listen all of you this time

Fuckin' just let me be

Gonna get drunk and

You're not gonna get to me

Gonna fuckin' break some botlle

And not gonna give a damn

I'm just gonna make my own Rules

Fuck you...[x2]...Fuck you...[x2]...

Fuck you...[x2]...All

Fuck you...[x6]...All

I hate the whole fuckin'

Fuckin' stupid world

Every single time I realize

That I hate every fuckin' life

You never led my life

You'll never understand

Why I have to lead the life

That I fuckin' lead

Why you fuckin think you understand

Our fuckin' way of life

But you'll never understand mine

Fuck you...Fuck you...[x3]...All

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