The Casualties

The Casualties - Drinking Is Our Way Of Life lyrics

He's always at the bar

He's always getting drunk

He's always getting wasted

He doesn't give a fuck

If you lost your job

If you lost your home

If your girlfriend left you

And the cops won't leave you alone

I'm sick and tired and depression

I'm sick and tired of love

Don't give me any talk

Cause all I want is alcohol

Don't give me politics

Don't give me any rule

Just open a fucking beer

And sing to this tune

I need to pee right now

I'm looking for a dark place

If you don't fucking like it

I'll piss in your face

We drink on the streets

We drink with our friends

We'll drink with anyone

Alcohol is the way

Whiskey beer and cider

I love them all

Look at us bastards

We're all drunk punx

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