The Cardinal Sin

The Cardinal Sin - Quarterlife Crisis

Ripe at 21 when it seemed new and fun looking back i thought things would get better it has been six years since some parts spent in a haze i learned so much, not all the best just forget it, lets all go out drinking better set aside some time i have begun to whine of ups ands downs the fact that i'm getting older (damn these days) is it really all that bad or just a feeling that one goes through it was all going well then it changed on me, it turned on me at 25 i may like to bitch and moan not that i sleep alone an aching back, a cough that seems to last forever hey i dont feel so young yes i know i'm not that old i'll always pout of time running out just forget it lets all go out drinking did i say this before i feel like i came unglued don't mean to leave you behind just going through one of those moods it's like it slipped through my fingers that could be the sign exit here or hang on help me fake nothing is wrong

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