The Blue Nile

The Blue Nile - Downside-Up guitar tab



Written by Peter Gabriel

From the album "OVO", 2000.

Transcribed by Hisao Chida

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Key: C-sharp minor/E major, Time: 4/4, Tempo: 98

Intro: {Acoustic guitars}


|C#m | | | | ||

|C#m |E | |C#m | ||

Verse A: {Female vocal} (0:28-)


|A(9) |E/G# C#m7 |

I looked up at the tallest building.

|A |E/G# Bsus4 |

Felt it falling down.

|E |E/D# C#m7 |

I could feel my balance shifting.

|B |Bsus4 B ||E

Every-thing was mov-ing a - round.

{Enter percussions}

|E/D# C#m7 |

These streets so fixed and solid.

|E |A Bsus4 |

Ah shimmering haze.

|E |E/D# C#m7 |

And everything that I re-lied on

|Bsus4 | B ||


Chorus 1: {Male vocal, Time: 12/8, Tempo: 94} (1:09-)


|:A E/G# |E :|

Down-side up, upside down.

Take my weight from the ground.

Falling deep in the sky. Slipping in the

|E ||4/4


Verse B-1: {Male vocal, Time: 4/4, Tempo: 95} (1:36-)


|E |E/D# |

All the strangers look like family.

|E |B |

All the family look so strange.

|E |E/D# |

The only constant I am sure of.

|Bsus4 | ||

Is this accelerating rate of change.

(Chorus) {Duet} (1:56-)

[Verse B-2] {Female vocal} (2:23-)

I stand here, watch you spinning.

Until I am drawn in.


A centripetal force.

You pull me in. Pull me

Bridge: (2:44-)


{Bass only}

|N.C/A /B |/C# /D |/E ||

in. Pull me in. Pull me in.

{Enter electric guitar and drums, Tempo: 93} (2:52-)

|F#5 ||F#m |Bm7 |E |F#m ||

Pull me in. Pull me in.

{Duet, Enters bass} (3:05-)

|:F#m |Bm7 |E |F# :|

ovo ovo ov-o. (x 3)

{Guitar/Synth solo} (3:35-)

|:F#m |Bm7 |E |F# :| (x 4)

{Duet} (4:17-)

|:F#m |Bm7 |E |F# :|

ovo ovo ov-o. (x 2)

|F#m |Bm7/F# |E/F# |F# ||

ovo ovo ov-o.

{Instrumental, additional drums} (4:45-)

|F# | | | |

|E | | | ||

(Chorus) {Instrumenatal} (5:06-)

(Chorus) {Male/Female vocal} (5:33-6:04)


1. N.C. = No Chord.

2. E/D# or E/G# means that you play the chord given by the

first letter (E major), with the bass note given by the second

letter (D# or G#). Unlike E/G#, E/D# can be regarded as an

inverted Emajor7.

3. F#5 = F#(no 3rd) (you play only F# and C# notes)






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