Tears for Fears

Tears for Fears - The Way You Are

[Music: E. Avila]

You had the light in your hands

But it was dispelled in the skies

Now you're here,

In this room surrounded by memories

The cold night covers your dreams

That calm you wounted Soul

Your dream are interrupted

Who is disturbing your damaged heart?

Someone pursues you to stisfy her own pleasure

And without asking why, you fall into her trap


Melancholy and desire

Were accompliced

Fear and guilt

Invaded your being

A frightful spectral woman possessed you


Loneliness is forever sorrounding

This depressive ghost

Crazy and sad

Desperate woman she is

Lonely men

Frozen lips in the night

Wretched phantom

Beloved you will never be

In vain she will always be waiting for company

Sad punishment to this woman


Day break arrived

Yoy wake up from that spell

And when you saw that horrible face

You wanted to leave everything behind

terrified you ran away


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