Tears for Fears

Tears for Fears - Cold guitar chord



from the album "Elemental"


words and music by ROLAND ORZABAL

transcribed by Justin B, (Ragtm@freemail.nl)

Chords that are used in this song:


   C#no3   Dno3   E   G6  Asus4  B   Aadd9  C#   D   G   A   F#


















Verse 1:




The coldest shoulder cast in metal, frozen to the bone,


to rely on hook, line and sinker, what a sinker, sinking like a stone.

You'd be better of alone


She saw me on the television underneath the sun,


thought that I was warm like a mother, lover, brother she was wrong.

                        C#              D

Me, I don't lon to be - long



E             G                        E            G

Cold, been ex-communnicated 'cause I'm cold, my temp'rature's been rated


and I'm cold

G                               Asus4

Bring to me my big old sweater, nothing more will make me better

Play verse 1 with there lyrics (of verse 2):


I met her on a Monday and my heart did nothing new

Seems she thought of me as some mystic, fatalistic,

Mystical guru.

Me, I'haven't got a clue.

But floating on a migc carpet high above the earth,

You can see the world like a Buddha, bread and Buddha,

Bigger thant you hurt.

Don't you know that love is work?

Play chorus 1 with these lyrics (of chorus 2):


Cold, no heat on the horizon, guess I'm cold,

And Capricorn is rising, yes I'm cold.

Listened to my old friend Nockles,

Hoped that it would warm the cockles



B                                                A

You can't fight the fear, you can't, this is the road you're on.

E                                           D

You don't belong to me you don't belong to anyone

B                                               A

Your reputation lies not in your eyes but those who dare


will bite the hand that feeds when it don't meet your needs

F#                          G

when you got blood to bleed you got a life to lead...


             Aadd9                                          C#

In the flood      with my blood I can hold you in the flood    with my blood

Play chorus 1, and then

Chorus 4:


E            G6                        E                G6

Cold no heat on the horizon, guess I'm cold there'll be no compromising

E       G6    Asus4

  Cold, cool, cold, stone

E           G6          E           G6

cold, stone cold, stone cold, stone cold, stone | repeat and fade out

End of song

trns by Justin B, (Ragtm@freemail.nl)

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