Tea For Two

Tea For Two - Ignorance

(S. Weber/M. Schumpelt/J.O. Soerup)

dark wheelings and dealings need more then repression

also they need people who put up with it

and You ignore the first signs, for what you hate

for what you hate in it's entirety

pretending you don't see them - you lie!

pretending you don't see the lights at all

pretending you don't know them - you lie!

pretending you don't see the lights

I hear those voices

the way they talk, oh it could make me cry

as if they really love their nightmare

hiding from the light

if you don't reach for the stars

you will never reach the moon

you will remain there alone

do you believe, you couldn't change anything

why do You say it's not your fault,

is it a healthy coate

if you excuse unjustice

as due to be only a cog in the mighty works

you will remain there outside the light!

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