Te Cranberries

Te Cranberries - Promises

Now as the evening sun sets on you healer

Your day is over, your light is fading away at last

And the wolves howl after the healer

Fighting for pieces, bits of his shattered remains

All who could know it

First they curse you then they warn you so

Then they use you and then they go on

'Til they curse you and there's no more

And they turn off all the light

that you were giving away

And they burn off but they just don't seem to shine

Is it all gone, is there no one who will shine?

Don't let the secret out, it's much too early

They are not ready but the hour is close at hand

For the wolves of the world are still hungry

But they are dying, there is no healing for them

You will know by the signs you have seen before

In your seeds of life there are more to come

The healer was not alone

He will turn on all the light

that they've been hiding away

Turn on the light

He will burn off

Come on and shine you diamond shine

They will turn on all the light

that they've been hiding away

They've got to turn on the light

They will burn off

Come on shine you diamond shine

There are a million eyes watching the world tonight

Have we learned nothing?

Do we merit another chance?

By what grace have we earned some redemption

Ten million saviors, ten billion angels of man

Those who know that such miracles can be so

They arrive because they must go

And lead believers to bring it home

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