TC MISSEZ - Flip Flop

I sailed forever, I sailed so far, and now I know

just what the consequences are

I laughed out loudy, while I cried inside

But I didn't haave the strength to say enough of this ride

Like a fool-I believed in a miracle

I wanted to forget, of what I'm not sure

But I found an answer-it seemed to be a perfect cure

Controlled my actions, controlled my thoughts

Controlled my feelings, and now I feel my body rot-like a fool

I believed in the miracle

Twisting and I'm turning-freezing then I'm burning

Laughing then I'm crying-am I living or am I dying

Swearing then I'm praying-don't even know what I'm saying

Happy then so sad-forgiving then so mad

Do you still, do you still believe, do you still believe in,

Do you still believe in miracles?

Pushing then pulling-who am I fooling

A friend then a foe-do I really even know?

Love and then hate

Peace then at war-but what am I fighting for

And you always try to

Keep me-oh so sleepy

So I can't realize-that it's all lies

And the more it takes hold of me-the less chance that I'll ever be free

And even though I don't believe-it's so hard to leave-a miracle-a miracle

Waiting-always hesitating-for that perfect day-that day was yesterday

And the more you're gonna wait-the more of a chance that it will be too late

How can you afford to wait, you just can't afford to wait

I shed a tear I won't deny it, but just one tear I already cried it

And now you'll see me cry no more, don't even know what I was crying for

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