Tazenda - 'Etta abba, chelu


What the fuck I was told 1998, 2001

On and on you know how I do it

It don't stop it don't stop

Look Look Look

[Soulja Slim]

Shit's real I'ma tell you this off tops

All my niggas from the Six Code got Glocks

We killers dog, hold sixty dog

On the reala dog, put yo head on the permanent pillow dog

Spit shit raw shit wash shit you want that get that

Get back my dogs bout War, smoke niggas like Humps

Smoke niggas like Gar you don't want to se us in that tinted car

Jumpin' out that bitch screamin' out Aw Aw

With K's n shit The Streets Made Me bitch

So don't ever try to play this shit

Like it's cool I'm a fuckin' fool on the low

Don't ever check a real nigga check a hoe

I'm tellin' ya they gone be smellin' ya

Under the Magnolia I'm a Soldier


From what I was told again I'm a blow again

Fuck with these hoes again get exposed again

Mystikal Im'a try to duck and dodge the pin

Never goin' back to the hole they threw me in

From what I was told

2001 you know The Streets Made Me

I got love for the streets

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