Taylor Dayne

Taylor Dayne - How Many

Another secret in my life,

Another day I have to fight,

What should I ask myself this time?

Are you the one to break these chains,

Cause I don't ever wanna hurt again,

Give me the time to just believe,


How many love do I begin,

How many times before I win,

How many chances do I have to take,

When will I learn from my mistakes,

Is there a love to set me free,

How many loves you're gonna take on me,

to bring the spell, to bring the change,

How many love?

Seems like a life time passed me by,

And I don't need another reason why

Why I should compromise myself,


So why don't you say there's no one else,

It's only true that I will hear you tell

don't break my heart don't make me leave

Chorus till end

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