T. I.

T. I. - The Greatest

I remember when Loretta Lynn said you wanna walk me home again

And I said mhm yes I do

And she said well I don't have to go right home

And I'm the kind that don't want to be alone if you would I would too

Ha ha and so we took a stroll and wound down by the swimmin' hole

And she said do what you wonna do I don't care

Mhm I got silly and I found me a frog in the water by a holler log

And I shook it at her and I said Loretta this frog's for you

I don't like spiders and snakes and that ain't what it takes

To love me like I want you to

I don't like spiders and snakes and that ain't what it takes to love me

Like I wanna be loved by you

[ steel ]

Well I think of that girl from time to time and I phone up when I got me dime

And I say hello baby ain't you cool

Ha ha she said do you remember when and you like to get together again

If you do hey I'll see you after school

Ha ha well I was shy and so for awhile most of my lovin' was nothin' but smiles

Till she said come on over here I don't care

Mhm mhm I was nervous as you might guess

Still lookin' for somethin' to slip out her dress

And she said evidentally Conway you don't know why we're here ha ha ha

Yeah I don't like spiders and snakes...

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