T. I.

T. I. - No Sweat


I'm chilling at the crib, kicking back and feeling lazy

My girl was in the living room, my phone was ringing crazy

It rang a couple of mo' times, the animosity grew

(why don't you go answer your phone), girl I ain't tripping I'm with you

(hell naw what you got to hide), what girl I'm grown

I ain't hiding nothing, damn I shoulda unplugged that phone

As I head towards the room, I get a uncomfortable notion

I know that this a female, I'm moving in slow motion

Man I hope this Greek or Murder One, cause drama I don't want it

I got a 1932 phone, with no caller I.D. on it

Ain't no sneaking to unplug it, she gon go off if she find me

When I walked over to answer it, she just stood there right behind me

Hello (hey baby), ay ay ay what's up homie

(I was hoping I could see you, I was feeling kinda lonely)

That's what's up dog, (dog why you talking to me like that)

Ah it ain't nothing, ay I tell you what man I'm-I'ma call you right back

[Hook: x2]

I'm so tired of lying, and chasing temptation

Creating fabrications, just to fix a situation

I tell one lie, and keep a standby partna I could call up

A second lie to cover the first one up, and a third to clean em all up


Now when I hung up, my girl gave me a real funny look

She didn't notice that I put the phone, halfway back on the hook

I asked her for a glass of juice, thinking that was a close call

When she walked into the kitchen, I snatched the cord out of the wall

She came back with the juice, we just layed across the bed

She was quiet, but I could sense she had suspicions in her head

I cleaned it up, did what I had to do to suit her

I knocked her down she fell asleep, I jumped on the computer

It's one o'clock A.M., I'm tired about to turn it in bro

I see some bright car lights shine, through my living room window

What the hell I peeped outside, I'm bout to get chopped up

The girl who called me earlier, done messed around and popped up

Befo' she knock I slip outside, to keep from getting busted

I gotta maker her move around, ain't no time to discuss it

She asking why she can't come in, how come I'm blocking the do' off

I could see it in her face, she getting loud and ready to go off

It's bad enough she popped up, and I really wanna check her

Told her my grandma was her from out of town, and I ain't wanna disrespect her

My girl woke up and came outside, when she heard the voices echo

Next thang you know I'm in my drawas, cussing out Joey Grecko

[Hook x2]


I'm face to face with two women, I been smashing and kissing

There's a logical explanation for all of this, if y'all would listen

One was ready to fight, the other was ready to start capping

But in a unexpected twist, something very strange happened

They started talking, the plex turned off

The one that popped up, went to her car hopped in and burnt off

My girl went back to bed, like everything was alright

But I ain't go to sleep for one second, I stayed up all night

I'm knowing, they got something up they sleeve

Next morning when she woke up, I couldn't wait for her to leave

I acted like I had somewhere to go, and drove off separate

Then followed her to IHOP, where she met ol' girl for breakfast

I wished that I could hear what they was saying, but I wasn't able

Next thing you know two dudes came in, and sat down at the table

I know both of these fools, now they plan done been uncovered

They done cut me loose, and introduced they brothers to eachother

That's cool yeah they got me, I was wrong and I can't condone that

I got mo' lil' mamas I could call, but hold up man where my phone at

She has switched my phone with hers, knowing I would try to watch her

Looked right at me held my phone up, sent a text message saying "got ya"


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