T. I.

T. I. - My Air Forces

Now that you're gone

Nothing is wrong

But everything's changed

Words in your hand

Do I set them in stone

Or throw them away

Now everything we did

Like photographs that always moved

(and that wasn't strange)

Now they're in the can

Let's put them on a shelf

Let's put them in the ground

They'll never move again

Ever after

Ever after

Ever after

Over and done

All of the fun

And all of the pain

Why don't I laugh

Why don't I cry

It ends up all the same

Now that you're gone

Everything is wrong

Though nothing has changed

And everything we said

Is there on a tape

For the future to play

Let's put it in the ground

That's where it ought to stay

Ever after

Ever after

Ever after

And it'll be all right . . .

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