T. I.

T. I. - King & Queen

[Cee-Lo 1st verse]

Hey, the sun is shining looking like another wonderful day

Look through my sweet collection trying to find some good music to play

While I'm getting ready to face the world

Doing what I must do..know sugar

Nothing compares to waking up this morning to you


Good morning

Baby, how you been?

Did you sleep well last night honey?

Well I'm off to work again

[Cee-Lo 2nd verse]

Listen I'll call you later

Maybe we can get something to eat

How about our favorite restaurant darling

Where we usually eat

I said whew! Umm um sure looking mighty fine

I can hardly wait for quitting time


Good afternoon baby

I sure missed you while I was gone

But you know I got to work honey, Hey let's just do something later on

[Cee-Lo 3rd verse]

Let's go for a walk nothing gets you in the mood better than a little moonlight

Um hmm, or we can rent some movies and make it a blockbuster night, Hey

Does that sound interesting baby? Sound like an idea?

I would gladly walk you home but you're already here


Good night baby

I spent the whole day with my friend

Hopefully God will wake me up baby to see you in the morning


Oh child

Oh because you everything, everything, everything to me

Oh yeah girl I need your love each and everyday Hey

Hmm, child


Good night baby

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