T. I.

T. I. - I'm Talkin' To You

Sometimes things can get crazy

But, there's no reason to go run and hide

I haven't heard from you lately

The days and nightâۥjust keep on passing by

Well I guess that it's over

But, I have no fear in letting go

I gotta look to the future

It's time to face the music

And make it on my own...so.....


Don't you cry for me baby...

I'm operating on a natunal high

Don't you cry for me baby...

The past is over now so kiss it goodbye

Don't you stand in my shadow

Cause when you do I take it personal

I guess it's time to let you go

Can't sit here waiting for a miracle

I got to get a reaction

Communication seems to be a no

What happened to the attraction

If I don't get an answer

I think I better go...so....


Don't you cry for me

Don't shed a tear for me

I'm gonna be alright

Don't you cry for me

I'm not in misery

I can't wait.............I'm gonna have me a goodtime


So don't your eyes-no need to to cry-no time for sad goodbye

It's time to go-nothing to show-so baby don't you cry

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