T. I.

T. I. - Don't You Wanna Be High

A biomechanical weapons race

The syndicate has very intriguing plans for you

the trolls are very pleased to find

Such possibilities in ways of controlling you

destroying you

Feel your head expanding towards chaos

As they set a new virtue to your head - Pure evil

The syndicate is after you - feel their presence around

The trolls in horns are coming down on you

they are out there - to haunt you down

You see them but they have no face

And they shall haunt you down - haunt you down

Prepare yourself for contact

Would you like to buy an new syndicate official?

Some muscarin for courage?

Or would you prefer psilocybin?

Straight from the factory


with single-stranded-ribonucleic-acid-virus-complex

They're getting rid of you before you know

In ways beyond your comprehension

Ex cathedra. The solution is ready

the transformation is complete

Vowelization with thorns of fire

Welcome to the world of pain

We assume you'll want to sign the entryform

to our cryogenic facilities

We have a new product designed for you

the lucid-dream-2002, An immaculate nightmare

We are inside your head

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