T-bone - Still Preachin'


Comin straight from the Westcoast killin fields

In the Bone Corelone, pimpin, keep it real

You know the deal, corn braids and the thug appeal

Street slang, make the hits that the thugs feel

Demons nudge grill

When they hear my scoped aimed and I shoot to kill

And haters jealous, cause I'm saggin for the dollar bill

Platinium, crushed ice, and its all real

Gospel hip hop got it locked still

Who do you think it was sprinkled the game

Wit Westcoast, Gospel rap plus a brim and a cane

Street slang and a message that they couldnt contain

Taught you bout the streets and the way that they banged

Cocaine, methinphedamines, gin and tonic, remmy martin

Hennessey, sherm, chocolate tie and the chronic

Blood, Crips, Eses, M 13

Parues, Zou bous, no rules and county blues



Still preachin that Word wit the bangin beats

Reached locked out loks, grindin on the streets

Hustlers, servin caine, g's pullin hit

Steady reachin em wit the word seven days aweek



Im still rippin and kickin flippin and spittin lyrics that got you thinkin

Trippin, grippin your Bibles, diggin jus to see whats written

Invision pawin in prison livin in the worst conditions makin desiscions

Wit conviction for the One that's arisen, see my mission

Is to give visions to the ones that listen like catacisim

But the ones arrested for vandalism, it's your desiscions

Eternal prision, or you can except what the Lords given

What's that? Your sins forgiven

See I'm tryin to get you walkin through the Pearly Gates

And save you from the lake of fire, full of demon snakes

How do I do that?

By askin the Lord to forgive you of all of your sins

And then turnin away from all of your wickedness and not turn back

And start walkin on the straight and narrow

Get the Word inside of your temple until it's dwellin in your bone marrow

No more packin a gat in the back of a lack

Attackin, and smackin a crackhead wit a baseball bat



Still makin g music for the cold killers

Gangbangers, convicts, pimps, playas, weed smokers and them drug dealers

Cap peelers, thiefs, felons and those guerillas

And drug lords, over seas stackin big skrilla

And still the same, ain't nothin changed

Street raps, altar calls and proclaim the name

Never was a shame of the One who was slain

On the dirt and all the pain, bleedin wit nails in His hand

Jus to save me from the burnin flames

Amazin Grace, He took my place

Paid the ransom, then got my sins earsed

And now, words can't express what I feel inside of my flesh

Every breath is given God glory until my death

See I'm blessed, beyond mesasures

Like silver and gold treasures and world pleasures

Spinnin Lexus' changin the world preasures

So that heathens that were grieven, theifin

Can now believin that Jesus bleedin was for a reason

Because of what I'm spittin


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