T-bone - Keep On Praisin'

Keep on praisin', liftin' up your name, to live in Christ, to die is gain.


Growin' up in the cold world this industry's cloggin' up my brain, got

memories of when gospel rap wasn't about money or the fame. Remember when it

used to be strictly ministry? Now it's all about who's at the top of the

industry. Everyone is jealous, full of hate, greed, and envy, now-a-days, I

don't even know who my own friends be. Be critized, talked about and stabbed

behind my back and playa haters still tryin' to bag gospel rap. My heart goes

out to the streets, I'm to reach a thugs and that is why you be warmin' up the

church seats. But you don't hear me though, turn and look the other way, but

that's OK, I know God would listen to what I gotta say. I can't lie though,

at times I feel like givin' up when all this hurt n' pain inside me starts

buildin' up. I start cryin', but God shows me love, even if I never, ever win

the dove, Im'a keep on praisin'!

Pick up my cross and Im'a follow you, even if my boys stay behind and I'm the

only one in my crew. To be man enough to say, "God here I am." But people

always quick to judge, they don't understand. They talkin' about I ain't

real, but who are you to judge me? God be the only one who knows just what I

feel. So many rappers now-a-days, caught up in competition, that's why gospel

rap be full of so much division. Believe me when I say, it breaks my heart to

think that we was once in unity, but now we're all but torn apart. It's not

about how many records we've sold, it's all about how many save souls. Can

you feel me? Tears ran down my eyes yesterday as I heard about 2-Pac's death,

is there anyone left to say, "Lord, Im'a stand in the gap." My peoples, is

you with me, where you at, cause Im'a keep on praisin'!

And even though they critizize me, talk behind my back, and tell me hurtful

words. Till the day I'm dead, and in my grave, it's God I'm gonna' serve. So

go ahead and talk about me and spread your lies. You the one accountable for

every tear when I cry. I shed so many tears for so many years, God can you

help me? I'm tryin' to reach all my peers and if you don't hear, Im'a try

harder, even if I die from bulletshots like a martyr. This world be drivin'

me hysterical, God I need a miracle, devil keep tryin' to hit me when I wanna

get 'em spiritual, lyrically, I'm praisin' God with every word that I speak.

You heard me, but I gotta turn the other cheek. 'Cause vengence ain't mine,

vengence belongs to the Lord. We gotta come together, one mind and one

accord. So to those who have ears, let 'em listen to what I'm sayin' but even

without you Im'a keep on praisin'!

Lyrics by T-Bone

Submitted by Nick Woodrum (nickshaq@aol.com

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