T-bone - Hurt N' Pain


Damn, Lord. Just got so much hurt n' pain inside me, you know what I'm

sayin'? People think just cause I got records or sumpin' I don't feel hurt n'

pain, huh, thinkin' I ain't human or sumpin', God can you help me out?


Lord how much longa' I gotta' take this, playa haten' and gettin' stabbed

behind my back, I'm frustrated, feelin' mentally incarcirated. I'm

suffocating gasping for oxygen so I can breathe, at times I'm prayin' for God

to take me away feelin' I'm ready to leave, this world of misery, jealousy,

hurt n' pain. But I gotta maintain even though to live is Christ, to die is

gain. I'm feelin' lonely God wrap your arms around a solider, and hold me

tight because this world just keeps on gettin' colder. Wipe the painful tears

fallin' from these lonely eyes. Got one of my friends betray me then proceed

to tell these lies, I'm tellin' the truth at times I feel, that don't nobody

care? That's why I cry at night when I'm on my knees alone in prayer. See I

be in a comrade stuck in a world zone holdin' on to my mission, but at times I

wish God wouldn't have placed me in this opposition, cause people love me, but

at the same time some despise me, and it's drivin' me insane full of all this

hurt n' pain!


I feel rejection, lonliness, hurt n' pain. God can you take away the hurt n'

pain? A solider strugglin' up in this game. So God can you take away the

hurt n' pain? <Repeat>

I'm havin' visions, wakin' up screamin', frightened, sweatin' and dramatized

thinkin' about when they broke in my house and tried to take my life. I

remember layin' in my bathtub, full of blood, thinkin' to myself, is there any

love left in this world? Cause nowadays, there's so much division, that's why

half of my homies dead and the others spend their days in the prison. The

devil keep temptin' me, fillin' my mind with evil thoughts, but I'm gonna

prevail even though everyone would said I'd fail. My own homies talk about

me, claimin to be my partners, but then behind my back, they bad-mouth me.

Now tell me Judas why you do me like Cain did to Abel. I showed you love and

put the food up on your family's table. Why you be jabberin' and spreadin'

lies behind my back, I helped you when you was down and got you back on track.

Is you a friend or foe? Tell me cause I need to know. Or is you down because

I bring my two shows and make that dough. If that's the case then homey,

here's some change, go play the lotto. Cause my crew tight just like them

corks that be on champagne bottles, can you feel me? I full of all this hurt

n' pain, the sunshines gone, so God please guide me through the storms and



I kept so many tears, thought appears, that was down me for the last few

years. Playa haten a brother but worse I heard it with my own ears. Dear

God, can you rescue me? From all this hurt n' pain, backstabbin', playa

haten, lyin' and jealousy. At times I feel that I can't go on, but I gotta be

strong, I'm willin' to die for what I believe in just like John. You wrong,

if you think I be in this for the dough, like Robert DeNiro, and Joe Pesci up

in Casino, move to Reno, if that's what your intentions be. Don't try to use

the name of God so that you can come up on some quick money, dummy, ain't

nuttin' funny, them lies bring hurt n' pain, so keep my name up out your

devilish lies and realize!

<Chorus> then Dialogue

Lyrics by T-Bone

Submitted by Nick Woodrum (nickshaq)

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