String Cheese Incident

String Cheese Incident - Wake Up guitar tab

tabbed by Tyler Rickers

corrections by and David C. Molk

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Wake Up - The String Cheese Incident

The Song starts with Billy doing the main theme once. Billy's part goes



The first time Billy does 0h2h3p2h3----0 on the low E-string.

Em7(w/ D on top) Asus4 A







Next change

Gsus4 G C C slide to D E







There's flies buzzin' round me.

I'm beggin' for a breeze.

The grass that surrounds me

Is so high that I can't see

There's something out there watching me

And I can't find no peace.

If it catches up with me

It's gonna kill me by degrees.

(For the most part they follow the above chords sometimes skipping the last

part of the first section, sometimes they go from the G to D, skipping C,

listen to a copy)

Verse 2

The sun's sinking fast now

And the night is moving in.

I've got to find a place

Where I know I won't be seen.

If you're out there can't you help me

'cause I try but I can't scream

And I know that it's not real

But I can't break out of this dream

Am G D C Am G D C

Oh no, whoa no


What's it gonna take to make you realize?

You're killing yourself, I've seen it in your eyes.

Stand up and walk away.

Wake up if you want to live another day.

Then they go throught the main theme once and end it with some well placed

feedback. Then the slide solo starts Em to C which builds to Em D C

then Kang solo over G D C

This song if for the people

Who live this dream.

Their minds are twisted

In one long endless scream.

The bottle is your graveyard

The wind howling through the trees.

And if you don't wake up soon

Your life will pass by like a breeze

Chorus again - with ad-lib vocal parts, and then another Kyle fill The song

ends on E, then the applause begins.

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