String Cheese Incident

String Cheese Incident - Sing A New Song

I embrace great victory!

Ride, spread the word

Spread to my people the great news

We shall return

To our splendid capital

We shall return

And bask in the glorious greetings

Bask you shall

Bask you shall


Senseless fools

Hark! Across the horizon - I see it

Our homes - great capital

Come forth and ride

March on and return

Our great victories

Will make us heroes

Our great battles shall make us nobles

What am I?

That follows

That which is


We return

To our homes

Oh great city

We return

Come feast my armies

Come feast my sons

I follow

Come my lambs

I call to you

You shall follow

You feast your armies

- I'll take your sons

Lead me to your precious babies

I come for them

And yet you know nothing

Of all that I am

And return with that

Which shall take

All that it desires

All that it desires

Oh! Father

Can you see it... not?

It calls me

Beckons me to follow

I feel a will overpowering me

Save me - I must go

The elders see it not

Oh! Children follow

My will captures your souls

I take you and you shall follow

Watch as they follow

See not that which leads

Those fools they know not of my

But you my children,

Shall learn all

To the mountain

To the mountain

Come infant disciples

I shall grow eternally strong

You hear my song

It enchants your souls

You are in my power

I shall take you away!

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