String Cheese Incident

String Cheese Incident - Joyful Sound guitar tab

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Transcribed by joshua emmett


Joyful Sound - The String Cheese Incident

Main lick

this is the basic lick, but it varies during the song

just play it over and over








another lick that is sometimes played halfway through the verse







Time to give thanks make time to be giving

Gotta stop and think twice about the way that I'm living

Did I say a kind word am I proud of my actions

You know a job well done gives me satisfaction

Can I earn your trust love and affection

Just one step at a time in the right direction

Gotta aim towards the sky keep my feet on the ground

Raise my voice to the heavens make a joyful sound

Na Na Na.....make a joyful sound

Na Na Na

Can i sing for supper play for my rent

I know it sounds funny but its how my times spent

lead everyday with full purpose with passion and pride

Gonna follow my heart have nothing to hide

a moment of insight I know why I'm here

You know the time just stops I see it all real clear

Gonna set an example make some mischief and fun

I wanna do unto others and play a fat bass run

Lick 2



--------2--------2----- X 8




Solo over main lick

Gotta work hard everyday give it my best

grab hold of fear and negitivity and lay them to rest

I know my time here's important, can i do the right thing

practice patience and forgiveness feel the joy that they bring

Can i lay down tonight without feeling regret

I know that the love that I give becomes the love that I get

Do you hear what I saying making sense to you

Well if you feel it in your heart you might want to sing too

Na Na Na.....make a joyful sound

Na Na Na.....

I don't want to sound preachy make it feel all wrong

Just want to write some kind lyrics sing a feel good song

Its kinda hard to explain its just a feeling I get

Making music making love getting both feet wet

Every piece to the puzzle snap tight in the groove

Close my eyes breath deep let my feet move

you know i feel a little better now speaking my mind

spread good vibes and circulation and see who they find

Lick 2 X 8

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