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Weary Homesick Blues- Bill Nershi
Transcribed  by Scott Vickery,

I'm always on the run you know
I'm, always on the move
When I'm far away from home
You know I think of you
I'm makin' stops from town to town
I keep on passin' through
But the only one that really counts
Is when I'm next to you

C                             G
And I'm on my way, I'm comin' home
D                                     G
Feels like I've been gone for way too long
C                        G
I run, run, run, back to you.
D                                                            G
When I see your face, that's when loose these weary homesick blues.

The road can be a lonely place,
that much I know is true
An' if you stay out there too long,
You'll surely get the blues
Them smokey bars and city lights
Will get the best of you
Take the tip & don't hit the road or
You'll catch the lonesome blues


I see so many faces, but
the names I can not match
I've been so many places
But I keep on coming back
Back to the girls that I love
They're waitin' there for me
And when I open up my eyes
That's what I wanna see


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