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tabbed by Chris Sherwood,
and Clay 
and Rob
send corrections to Joshua Emmett,

Barstool - String Cheese Incident



in the little signature riff, instead of playing the previous
note again after each change, I play the note that started the run.  For


G                        D
Well I guess I have been drinking
      C                  G                D
And I probably shouldn't call you late at night
Just to listen to your voice

But I'm missing you so badly
And my days have gone by sadly since that night
So I went out with the boys

I know I should be stronger
But I wish that what we had had lasted longer
I guess that was your choice

So I call you up to sort it out
Sorry I don't mean to shout
But a crowded barroom makes a lot of noise

From the deepest canyon,
To the highest mountain, lord,
D			  G      * insert riff here, I'll tab it out below
And all points in between
C			   C/B
Sandstone nights and birthday fights
Am		     G
Something didn't feel quite right
Am				    D
But when I close my eyes at night,
It's your face that I see

The C > C/B > Am > G walkdown is used in the bridge, too (for the "Sit down
in that chair" bit).

Here's the riff that I play in the chorus, it's very simple and I think it's
what SCI plays:


That riff gets thrown in rather a lot, at the start of choruses, in the
middle of choruses....


So you got yourself a ticket
You're going to travel to the middle of the world
Just to see what you can see

And you made yourself a new friend before you left
I'm wondering if you're thinking about him
Or if you're thinking about me




(Lead-in to bridge G -> G7)
In a sundress down in Ecuador
As you walk the streets of the capitol
I got time for just one more
Take another hit from the bottle
C                 Bm7(?)
Sit there in that chair
Am7             G
Think about the summer when we went

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