String Cheese Incident

String Cheese Incident - 100 Year Flood guitar tab

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100 Year Flood - The String Cheese Incident


Ebm Dbm B E B Eb Db

The water's rising and the rain's still coming down

Db Eb E F# B

There's a river five feet deep running down Main Street

Ebm Dbm B E B Ebm Dbm

Grab your children and head for higher ground

Dbm B A E

'Cause the dam's broke loose

Dbm Ebm B

And the flood's gonna wash away this town.

Ebm E

In the winter of '96

Ebm E

Too much snow, and too much rain would mix

Ebm E

And when that winter day turned warm

Dbm F#

many a town would come to harm

Ebm E

And out on Chasebrook Road that night

Ebm E

That's where some people lost their lives

Ebm E

One hundred feet wide and fifty feet deep

Dbm F#

Was a hole where the road used to be


Ebm E

Come hell or high water

Ebm E

Starts meaning a whole lot more

Ebm E

From Walton to Schoharie County

Dbm F#

No on knew how bad it would be

Ebm E

Some got out and walked away

Ebm E

There's others missing to this day

Ebm E

Scraps of clothing and paper

Dbm F#

Float across the water where they once were



This song is best played if you play all bar chords. Like when playing the Ebm and Dbm,

your fingering should look like this:

Ebm: e-6 Dbm: e-4

B-7 B-5

G-8 G-6

D-8 D-6

A-6 A-4

E-6 E-4

The solo comes between the second chorus and the verse following it. It lasts for a few minutes

and then goes back into "come hell or high water..." Good luck with it and enjoy the Cheese!

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