SPEEDY LOC - Look N 2 My Eyez lyrics

Speedy Loc represent that VGD Town

Decoto, Killafornia

Look in to my eyes motherfuckas

N tell me what you see

[Verse 1]

Look in to my eyes see the pain through out the years

Young bust getting locked up they mothers shedding tears

And who the fucks to blame up in this dirty filthy game

Aint no food up on the table I feel my moms pain

Its time to pull a jack grab the gat and a ski mask

Gimme all your skrilla before I dump and hit the gas

At night hit liquor stores busting 2-11's

If you reach for that button is a 187

My brain's going insaine cause this ghetto's got me stressed

A bust is a must wearing a bullet proof vest

Pour out a little liquor for the homies that I've lost

Getting hella perved while this hoe sucks my balls

But still I can't concentrate my minds going blank

Late night got me tweking got me hitting the presank

Fool's don't wanna listent reminiscing half visions

Shall I kill or will I kill its all about decisions


Look into my eyes and tell me what you see

A true fucken G backin up VGD

I be shaken em up and fucken em up and layen em all down

A true fucken hog coming up that doge town

Look into my eyes and see the reality of the game

I try to maintain but we about to blow up brains

I'm hitting motherfuckers up with a 9 milla

Taking or breaking the skrillaz cuz I'm a fucken killa

[Verse 2]

I remember cutting 5th grade back in middle school

Me and Mr. Rella young bucks acting a fool

Didin't give a fuck about much not a damn fucken thang

At 14 years old started hanging gangbang

Throw up that DG represent that 9th street

Finding the homies at the spot or tagging in the creep

Pay back was a motherfucken this [?]

We roll through your hood

Leave your shirt's soaking wet

Lil' Corner got locked up back in 1992

Its been about 8 years he'll be out soon

We used to pose the 6 and known as the main young bucks

Coming up Old G's tought us game

Times get hella hard so they switch up on the grind

I droped out of school got expeled to many times

And ain't no lesson learned cause its all about the game

A young buck growing up with this fucken up ass fast lane


[Verse 3]

Through out my whole life I ain't never had shit

Thats why I pack a 9 glock with a an extra clip

These foos wanna start funk we could bring it on

We could shake and dump untill the break of dawn

Till [?] And load these clips until they bleed

Fucking with that DG get you smoking lots of weed

Cause in this town [?] dimes gotta hustle to make the skrill

Push up on the grind cause shits getting scandolous in the year 2G's

A little girl named Dee lost her life at 14

If someone could explain why we fucken blow up brains

Then maybe I could maintain but I'm deep up on the game

So I'll continue to live my life quick up in the fast lane

Could take a little trip through the town of the blood stain

And ain't nothing helping us way back in the days

We used to pose and chill with [?]


Look into my eyes and tell me what you see [x4]

Yeah Yeah this song is going out to every Northern Soljah out there

Let's keep that flame lit

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