SOUTH CENTRAL CARTEL - U Couldn't Deal Wit Dis lyrics

Yeah! South Central Cartel is back in dis mutha......

And we 'bout 2 do it like dis.... L.V. ohhhhhhh uhhhhhhhh........

Baby hold on another slow song is comin' swift

The street life of a true „g" you get me drift

Khaki suits, locs, chokes the grokest sacs

Got your drug cause you sprung on the gangsta mac

Lalalalalala your baby skip the chacha

Oh! Call me a hoe with a low flow

Hmm you couldn't deal with the real so you step quick

Bad Ass the bytch causing treat with on the Havik's dick

Gangsta luv said yo and you said oh no the life of a „g" was a nono

City 2 city u say u miss me

but you got mad see

Packin' your shit try to leave me

but so long cause Imma go on

Yeah l.u.v. is not me cause I'm 2 strong

to be a sit with choke on a bytch list yeah

And I know girl u couldn't deal wit dis

[Chorus:] U couldn't deal wit dis [x3]

Girl u better let it go

Look girl you used to cry about the way I have to handle thangs

but in the streets it's do or die among the central gangs

Me and my homies made a record and we make some noise

The gangsta luv is try to shell was broke me cut the voice

Grown in the city like we used to nothing had to change

but you were trippin' about all the other brutal games

Yeah I can pick cha and I can hold you I can start to shit

and fill (feel) with serious so probably get the pistol quick

But all the day it's kinda we can gets the criminal

and on the tel it's kinda we compare the sickle strolls

The gangsta luv is playin' out

I tried to work it out but all you like to do was shout

but Prode'je's a business if you want it you'd invest

You could have made it over but you seem to make a mess

Yeah I used to grindin' with the chicks

but now it's with the fist bytch

U couldn't deal with dis

[Chorus:] U couldn't deal wit dis [x3]

Girl you better let it go

Love is not my thang

You Know I'm a gangsta man

You keep callin' me a hoe

but girl you just don't know

It was u who pushed me away

and your bytchass just can't stave

Cause a true ass g" don't joke

So I'm walkin' out tha door

U couldn't deal wit dis [x4]

Girl u better let it go [x2]

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