SOUTH CENTRAL CARTEL - Think'n Bout My Brotha lyrics


Lookin through a window, thinkin' of a mission

Hear gunshots, another homeboy missin

The streets, crazy as hell but what a brother know?

A drive-by in a black 6-4

Who did it and why? Another gang cause they hate him

The person they killed, he wasn't even gangbangin

Comin' from school, mindin his own alone

But it's the homeboy's brother, so I guess it's on

16 - dead, missin' half his face

His family screams and he dream of a better place

You're either down or out

I'ma stay down and talk loud

Put on my khakis and still walk proud

It's either do do or die or get done for nuthin'

I won't run from a gun, nigga, shoot me some

I'ma die a ?full? death, it's ignorant still

But it's ill cause sometimes people have to kill

You put your flags on, Locs on, claims the ????

And get your jack on, sometimes you get blown away

You wanna live in fear but it's tragic

An innocent child in another closed casket


I'm thinkin' about my brother

Been thinkin' about my future

I got to get off the streets and work it out

And face reality...


A closed casket because he didn't have no face

Lost in space and his brother has the only trace

Say, brethren, is you simply get a Uzi and blast?

Are you sure to get away, or does it matter to ask?


I know you feel kinda guilty cause they thought he was you

And everybody in the hood makes you wanna pursuit

The others brothers from the gang that you shot at first

And now you roll in limousines and your brother a hearse


I couldn't doubt if it was me, I wouldn't wanna do a murder


Yeah, I might slip just a lil' bit further


We livin' in a ghetto and the ghetto is a kettle

Sittin' on the furnace and it won't let go


You feel guilty so you shoot back and you hit black

And they hit back, another black's ??????


Another mother in tears, another kid in the grave


The Lord gave us the freedom but till death we're enslaved


I'm thinkin' about my brother

And thinkin' about my future

I got to get off the streets and work it out

And face reality

Cause I know one day I will see a vision

Of the other side, oh no no...


And what a mother, because you wanna gee, she face danger

Shootin' at the house and she just a stranger to a banger

The brother of the brother you shot

Now your brother was got, your boy, you're ready to pop

At the park you look gee'd, mad, even notorious

You carry your rag, your reputation, it embroils

Yeah, you can murder and you won't be phased

But when the death hits home to the death you a slave

Boy, your grave will take a Uzi and retaliate

Are you afraid of the fact that it might be bait?

Because I heard a lil' rumour on the L.A. streets

That tell the price on your head, can you face the G?

Your homeboys might help, but maybe they won't

Maybe they can use dollars, are you gettin the point?

Cause it's straight game and death's no joke

You better get out of the fire or you smell the smoke

It's no jokin', I became a G because I had to

(So the streets took control of you)

I'm a gangsta, a gangsta on a new L.P.

A closed casket, a mother and the S.C.C.


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