SOUTH CENTRAL CARTEL - Stay Out Da Hood lyrics

90-Motherfuckin-4, nigga

South Central Cartel

Comin at cho ass like this, bitch

90-motherfuckin 4 nigga

Another motherfucker floatin in a fuckin river

I'm creepin on that ass with the glock on yo block

Leavin your brains marinatin', 9 slugs killin off Satan

Die nigga nigga, die nigga nigga die bitch

Another skull gettin crushed by a lunatic

I'm blowin motherfuckers domes till the year 2000, oh

187 on your ass hoe

Motherfuckers keep slippin

The slugs keep rippin through that ass when I'm trippin

My mind's all fucked, and I'm evil as a God damn nut on cocaine

Khaki's hangin low, kickin G slang

So bring it on, and I'mma screw ya like a hot hoe

6 feet stiff as fuck for the 9-4

Havikk's got your ass in the scope G

Another killin' by the killa from the SC


Stay out my hood motherfucker cause you ain't shit

I'm buckin em down with the 9 mill glock bitch

Stay out my hood motherfucker cause you ain't shit

I'm buckin em down with the 9 mill glock bitch

A nigga gettin wrecked from the S.C. rollin with the Cartel

And ass holes gettin ripped as the G's bail

Goin off like a light switch

Fuck a bitch, its your money or your motherfuckin ass kicked

Gettin rough on a G.O.

One time's tryin to slang young niggaz like a kilo

But its on for the whoo ride

And the motherfucker slippin is the motherfucker frizznied

A lil knucklehead, niggaz gettin ready G

My kinda positives to you is negativity

But now the prod is even odder so I couldn't give a mad fuck

I'll leave your ass in tha bag bucked

Its hard times on the back streets

Graveyard's one hop and a skip for an O.G.

And if I'm goin out someone's goin wit me

I know that many motherfuckers down with P

Its gonna buck in the process

Motherfuckers gettin clowned in my hood with the ruthless

I give a fuck cause I'm sick, I'm the fuckin grim reapor

Comin through your hood with a street sweeper


Knee deep in yo ass fool

That backstreet graveyard shit ain't gone never stop

South Central Cartel, motherfuckers for the 90 motherfuckin fizzno

Mindless a motherfuckers spineless, and brain dead

I'm cockin a glock, I'm leavin your blood in your mom's bed

A psycho nigga with the trigger finger itchin for

Another pull another hearse, another funeral

Mom's story had to be a G from the old school

And very stupid motherfuckers tryin to be cool

Put a nigga in his grave

Wrap him up and ship him, over fuckin seas, 86ing

You want chuckie motherfuckies can you dodge it?

SC to the C fina ride bitch

OG's whoo ridin little locs causin ruckus

If ya niggaz try ta buck us

I figure to clown you motherfuckers cause its simple

Drop his monkey ass like a 4 up in the central

Niggaz still chillin up at the park pumpin steel

Shootin hoops, crack, yeah the whole fuckin deal

Only regulatin no petitious niggaz needed

And if you talkin shit, motherfucker you deleted

You gotta be a G if you're rollin with the real

And homies watch yo ass for the motherfuckin kill

Niggaz gettin clowned yeah fuckin with the ruthless

Niggaz just heartless, straight up menace

Runnin with the glock down your motherfuckin block

Pop pop pop now a motherfuckers dropped, bitch


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