SOUTH CENTRAL CARTEL - Servin' Em Heat lyrics


199-muthafuckin'4: South Central Cartel is back in the house

Prodeje, Havikk the Rhyme Son and the Mouthpiece

And we straight servin your ass heat


Muthafuckas gettin clowned like I said in the 9-1

But 94 is in effect if you want some

Funk fo' yo' trunk, bring it on if it's on then it's poppin

And only for the real car droppin

G shit, nigga through the hood's in the S-C

P da R da O da D da E da J da [??????]

Comin [????] I don't think so, niggas gotta float style

This lil' nigga still loco

8-9's where the hustlers dwell

You wanna know where I'm from: S-C Cartel

TO the Crips and the Bloods, I'm a homie

Many niggas talk shit

And get banked with the O-E

Regulatin off petitions, calling on the D-L

That's where the real O.G.'s bail

Down low in a short Coupe

Knock knock for the hoes in the hood tryin to be suited

It's all good when I'm creepin

Back street lights on and muthafuckas done slipping

I know my city so I'm rollin, niggas tried to swang with this

But South Central's kinda dangerous


S-C nigga kickin gangsta shit

Cartel gonna get my back

S-C nigga kickin gangsta shit, fool

Run up and I'ma serve you heat


Breakin muthafuckas off, nigga for the hoo-ride

A true G from the C finna G-slide

Strapped cause it's on if them niggas runnin up play the back in

Cause I'ma clown with my Mac-10

Big G's in the hood stay down for a nigga

Hoes ride dicks cause we got bigger

90 muthafuckin 2 street

S-C Cartel bailin through the mist servin much hell

Niggas fronted on a nigga in the 93

The little loc's bustin caps for the bigger G

Peelin niggas cap quick

I let the khakis hang get ripped for the niggas wanna set trip

Surely loc's with the Locs

Glock in my drawers fuckin with the old folks

Knuckle headed nigga in the hood gettin ???? off the E.T. and O.E

Layin in the cut for the police

H-A to the V-I double muthafuckin K

Creepin on yo' ass with an AK

At the park shootin' hoops

And finna get my strap on

Smokin niggas cause I'm jail pro



I'm from a hood where the real niggas come-up

Some gang bang, some slang but I'm dealin in the rap game

You try to figure who I run with

The S-C to the muthafuckin C, that's all bitch

And in the end I'ma maintain

Muthafuckas hittin deep try to main but I'm insane

So I wouldn't trip nigga cause I got a clip

For the 9, hanging on my muthafuckin hip

You need to kick it in the city with me

And Rhyme Son's peeling caps on the suckers actin shitty with me

And muthafuckas still flossin, still tryin to O.G.

On the slap smokin E.T.


Hangin on the muthafuckin deuce

I saw my cousin Prod hit the floor with a muthafuckin' small Coupe

Mouthpiece got the Tec for yo' ass and it's over

And En Vogue couldn't hold ya

Niggas yellin I'ma a 8-7 gangsta

Thin what you want, I keep one in the chamber

A real Cartel nigga

Finger on the trigger if you step I'ma put yo' ass in the river

Shootin dice in the hood buckin niggas for their last end

In a mood to get my blastin

Hittin dips cause I'm down with the Crips and THE Bloods G

And muthafuckas can't fade me


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