[VERSE 1: Prodeje]

Cold in the city, I stroll like a damn fool

Smokin your ass on the strip, you're not cool

You beat up my homie but didn't kill him, you wish you did

Cause this murder rap will leave you dead and rid

Of indecision, I got to Uzi to buck it off of a clocker

Called up Havoc, he said, "Let's roll on the muthafucka"

Put up the four, four niggas with hot heads

Gee got the AK and loaded the shit dead

It's fucked for the nigga but he didn't know

Yo, the Mouthpiece got up and aimed and he ducked low

Fool, you wanna dance with the devil?

So I'm sendin you home, you better get you a shovel

Havikk hit the corner, Luva Gee got the AK

We spotted the gang and then we started to spray

A nigga spotted the move and said, "Duck!"

The dumb fuck is dead

I shot him in his goddamn head


(Open fire like a lunatic from Vietnam)

[Scarface] (Fuck that, say goodbye to the bad guy)

[Ice Cube] (Another nigga dead)

[VERSE 2: Havikk]

12 on the nose, I hit a corner with a tense pose

Shootin niggas, gettin blood on my damn clothes

A nigga slippin on the dark streets

I put they ass to sleep and leave they blood on the concrete

Yo, I'm from the hood shootin punks from the rooftop

Snipin your ass, I'm givin a fuck about a damn cop

Leavin notes on your window pane

As you step out your door I'm blowin out your brain

Fool, my alias Havikk, a damn gee from the dark side

A lyrical psycho who laughs in homicide

Cause through the night I creep, swarm and terrorize

Knock on your door and put a bullet between your eyes

Drag your body in a alley

As your corpse deteriorates like a damn cavity

My piece rolls to unload the reign of terror

Dead as fuck, hard as hell, then your brain fails



Yo, this Havoc The Mouthpiece from the S.C.C.

That was only phase two of a muthafuckin massacre

So sit the fuck down because phase three is a muthafucka

[VERSE 3: Prodeje]

It was like the wild west in South Central

I jumped out the car and shot a fool in the window

The nemesis wrecks this in the premises

I mean business and you could be the goddamn witness

A nigga will die hard and kill up a few punks

The busters will scatter and I stepped on a dead hunk

Of flesh, open fire on a goddamn house

And three hoes butt-naked try to break out south

I shot a bitch in her ass, Rhimeson got her neck

Havoc got her in the head, now she shook for a sec

Cause they [?] and started to set-trip

Prodeje laughed, I said, "Give me a fresh clip"

I tell you muthafuckas who to fuck with

Niggas let out a pit, I had to blow him to shit

It was a mission, a vision of parallelism, we did em

And got ghost, but yo, who's next to play close?


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