SOUTH CENTRAL CARTEL - It's A S.C.C. Thang lyrics


South Central got the niggas with the fat shit

The 6-4's on D's, Cadillacs with the bumper kits

Fat sounds in the trunks for the hoes try to skeeze on

But a nigga still packs chrome

And muthafuckas wanna rock this

They come from city to city, then hit the Central and they jock this

We slang lleyo in the blocks, fuck a cop and get paid G

Gangbanger peel a cap, see

Summer hoes on thick

They ride a nigga's dick like a tick

When they think a nigga's straight rich

A drive-by on a nigga: cap cap cap, yo!

Another life took, here we go

87's make em bow down

Hoovers and N-Hood's, 9-0's, unite right now

And East Coast peel a cap cause cops don't like this

But South Central's gettin' ruthless

It's S.C.C., Prodeje and Havikk, loc

Rollin deep like some muthafuckin criminals

The A.K. talks better if your ass try to creep on

It's South Central, get your head flown


Watch your back because I'm movin' real slow

It's a S.C.C. thang...


In the S.C. bitches jock

The niggas with a knock-knock

6-4's drop with the fat knot

Oreos get bent on the Ides and the E.T.

Shoot craps and slap bone, G

5.0.'s ride [??????]

But after Rodney King O.G.'s load clips

You heard about the drive-by's, Crips and the Bloods servin' homicide

But now it's all about tryin to get unified

Let's take a stroll through my old shit

Manchester was the park where I kicked it

Hangin' on the one for the ends, what's the shot?

Servin' fat dubs to the clucks at my spot

I moved to the Seven and I still clock grips

Homies in the hood cap niggas off the tip

I went to Freemont, muthafucka, yeah, muthafucka

In S.C. it's straight on, muthafucka

Every city niggas got they shit

But yo, in S.C., boy, you gotta be legit

Cause you get clowned in the wrong hood, fuckin' with the wrong fool

And they don't give a fuck wearing county blues

[?????] in the S.C.

I said it's on, and niggas stay down, yo, it's cool, G

L.A. is where is at, take it from the smooth criminals

It's something about South Central


Watch your back because I'm movin' real slow

It's a S.C.C. thang...

It's a gangsta thang with the S.C. swing...

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