SOUTH CENTRAL CARTEL - Hit the Chaw lyrics

[VERSE 1: Havikk the Rhime Son]

Dippin on the enemy I slides like a nigga should

Hands out the window givin it up for the neighborhood

Gangstas and gees servin that ass like the military

Runnin mo' yards than Marcus Allen through the cemetary

Swervin down the Chaw rollin evil with the glock cocked

Fiendin for the stinky as I rolls to the weed spot

Jump back in my ride I see a bitch, honk the horn

Parks my shit, bump the bitch, I'm [?] hit my turf, it's on

As I skate on the triple gold 100 spokes flossin

Bangin Scarface as I bend Slauson

To the swap meet to get the Karl Kani hook-up

Sippin on the yac I saw my cousin Jack, "What's up"

Muthafuckas mad-doggin me cause it's S.C.C.

Rhime Son, Prode'je and Mouthpiece

I'm finna hit the Chaw I gets a page from my brother Drew

"Where you at?" "Crenshaw" "Yo nigga, I'ma dip on through"


I'm finna hit the Chaw

And dip straight on by the law

I'm gonna [?] my gees

And [?] through the S.C.

[VERSE 2: Prodje'je]

Yeah, it's on as I swerve on my trey wheels

400 spokes hittin dips to the heels

On some come-up shit I got the gee into perspective

You know I got the chrome but the box is my objective

Dickeys on the ass of the Eastside rider

I see a few hoes but the Prod chose neither

You got to have ass to live In California

And if you see the ( ? ) I'll be all up on ya

Fo' life like Mack 10 rollin with stripes

And everytime you see me there's a freak on the ride

Hittin yo hoods and it's makin you sick

CausE the superfine hoes wanna ride on the dick

She just a trick cause all I wanna do is hit a lick

Her ass got the toc and the Prod's got the tic

And I'm slick, the wicked, the sly and all

When I swerve on the Chaw all I do is ball


[VERSE 3: Droop & Twin]

It's all good in these streets as I creep in a coupe drop

Candy-coated green gold d's with that white top

Sippin gin with the Twin as we swoop

Smellin like Joop, mackin to hoes in a Lexus coupe

Career is lookin good, you can say that Twin's winnin

Back up, hit the motion, let the Dayton keep spinnin

Grinnin cause I know my shit's on tight

Got heat under my seat so I'm gon' be alright

Cause when Droop hit them threes niggas hypnotized by my d's

But evil gees know they can't get with these

Ease in the cut, locs cut 400 spokes, feelin the breeze

Cause I gots to have gold on my d's, nigga please

Gees feel a nigga dippin down the Chaw

Bumpin "G Thang" as I swings on past the locs

With the Regals, Cutlass, fo's, Lacs and fat cash flow

[?] with a chip in my [?]


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