SOUTH CENTRAL CARTEL - Had To Be Loc'd lyrics

Ay wassup Nathan?

Ay wassup?

wassup of you and your brother new shit

oh , all I can say is to all those muthafuckas out there

that didn't wanna give my brothers props


Yo Prod hit the muthafuckin hood and get a clown on G

A nine a clip the Uzi for the punks that wanna beef

down for the underground but niggas wanna front

It's the 1990's Havikk sent to poppin trunks

hit the damned parks all the niggas gettin loc

smokin that endo brawlin on a coke

Crips huggin Bloods Bloods huggin on a Crip G

Niggas got the AK stash for the PD ohh

i guess the felon has to rock it nigga don't stop

or either wake ya drop it

SCC's in the house to the ho's you

better hide that ass cause these niggas wanna do you uhh

i guess it's time for a drive-by

you wanna die nigga why nigga if you try

I might smoke cause I'm loc'd off the endo

south central style brake 'em like a window

huhh , who gives a damn nigga run up

get your ass beat in the street muthafucka

lighter than the lightest muthafucka cause I'm ruthless

come into my hood and your ass is leavin toothless


had to be loc'd cause I claim south central

wassup punk this is south central

strollin thru the hood with the quickness

gunshots rippin niggas in the hood still trippin

gotta pack a Gat yo when I'm steppin with the fellas

cause 1 outta 10 in a crowd will get jealous

and wanna get his smoke on cause he packs chrome

but tryna flex and catch a .9 to your damned dome

so fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck the bullshit

I stay Geed and my attitude is kill bitch

I roll a 4 drop low on a twisters

a .380 in my labb for the jackers

south to the muthafuckin central call a jail pro

a young black muthafucka is on the way from home

locked down ain't shit G

I'm in and outta jail like a man and not a pussy

give me 5 years yo I'm outta in 2

back on the streets slangin yea it's nuttin new

but this is how we live and the shit we get with

a hardcore gangsta a four-time criminal

don't give a damn damn what they all say

I go to street and wake up with my AK


had to be loc'd cause I claim south central

wassup punk this is south central


Huh ,yeah we gon re-zip your ez-ass

in the ??

you're talkin about the thrizzy

nigga just listen to the muthafuckin V

It's all about the ?? millameter

rhimeson's takin shit to the climax

A muthafuckin G I'm puttin suckas on they back

I'm back with the burnin sensation to infliction

jam my fuckin brick up your ass you little misfit

steppin from the S.C. , H. , L.V.'n Prodeje

nuttin but locs in the hood fuck the police

niggas still shit kill shit and get licked

south central madness muthafucka we're the hit

Of hardcore flow buck-buck bang it up fool

spit your fuckin brains in ya labb and peel your cap

niggas wanna bail with the locs on the claim shit

get your fuckin ass lift fuckin with a lunatic

Prode'je nigga is it on?

yeah it's on , get the fuckin Glock later rip to the dome

load the fuckin Glock as I rott to a temple

shoot a nigga zippo then call me a criminal

hit the fuckin corner let the Uzi flow swift

spit your fuckin mouth cause I heard you wanna rift

the muthafuckin pen yo it's dearly as a cancer

think you can fade me nigga the NO is the answer


had to be loc'd cause I claim south central

wassup punk this is south central

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