Playin' like a gangsta, you wanna be a G

I told you gangstas boogie, did you listen to the P?

I tell you how it's on if you recognize the real

You ain't the only brother out there fiendin for the kill

Playin' like a gangsta, you niggas better see

I represent my Loc and you represent yo' G

Cause players only prosper as you suckers bite the dust

And wonder why they died from the millimeter bust

Now you can be my Cuz, homie, I can be yo' Blood

But if you true to self, G, I got to show you love

They wonder if it's Crip but does it matter where I G?

I'm sick of doin' shows for niggas lookin' mad at me

I represent the small percent of real niggas

Never claim the hood even though I pull triggers

Now get directly at me, I'm not trippin' on the fame

I'm talkin' to my niggas playin' in this G's game


You playin' in the G's game

And homie, it's hard to maintain

If you slip in the hood it's never all good

Cause you can get smoked in the hood

You playin' in the G's game

And homie, it's hard to maintain

If I can be your Loc, then you can be my G

It's all to the G


Now recognize, open yo' eyes as I hit the switch dippin'

Sippin' on that St. in the cut reminiscin'

Cause deep in this game the mentality is devilish

You wanna be a G, but you ain't even ready yet

Went to high school, dropped out, you couldn't handle it

Hangin' with them brothers had to knew was straight scandalous

Got it in yo' mind that you gots to pack the .44

Quarter on the hood, to stack a end you slang lleyo

On the run daily, now you're livin' foul

Mom's cryin' nightly, so she throwin' in the towel

I used to be a G-sta of em all, but bullets don't have bites

So it made a brother realize

I can be a G rockin shows

Clockin, stackin' ends, droppin' tracks in studio

Yeah, but jealousy plays the part cause these fools wanna maddog, loc

When I'm dippin' on 'em hundred spokes



Now back up in the days

They used to settle beef just from the shoulder

But now they want the funk and I can smell the fuckin odor

It's mandatory, brothas gots to pick a strap up

The gangstas move in town to built the ghetto back up

And all the bustas sweatin' Prodeje because I'm clockin'

I used to buck a fool, say "fuck a fool", but now I'm rockin'

The other dialect to put my G into perspective

And all that's bound to scare should come to get their ass collected


And now you on the run, you caught a case

You wanna get your stripes, so you shot a Baby Loc in his face

Now face the fact retaliation, is a must, G

And if you slip, yo' enemies are gonna bust, G

And if you make it home, you're lucky

Cause ghetto warfare is leavin' niggas' minds twisted like Chuckie

Rhyme Son say it's crucial, black G'z need to wake up then

And recognize the fuckin' games that you play with me


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