SOUTH CENTRAL CARTEL - Fellin How I'm Feelin 'N' lyrics

(feat. Full Clipp)

I feel like ridin

(This is for my nigga: Payback)

Somebody took my nigga

I feel like goin' to war

Goin' to war

Goin' to war


All I think about is the love that you had for the game

We get into with some niggas, you wasn't the first to bang

Don't know how bad I wanted to you see you with yo' riches and thangs

Hit yo' switches in your '94 Lincoln on Dana Danes

I'm in the back seat of the Monte Carlo sittin on stuff

Dreamin about the double my lick, it got me y'all fucked up

Puffin' a blunt, shit, I grab my gat, spray shit up

Somebody responsible, where yo' homie at? That started that stuff

This nigga deserve to have his bitch-ass touched

That's on the real, I'm shedin' tears

Knowin this is the last year we kicked it

I was addicted to the way that you would spit yo' flow

These niggas in the game is lucky, homie, they just don't know

To think that we would lose a link so soon

It never crossed my mind

that every day we livin' from the sun to the moon

But you won't that darkness hold us down

So all the sparks is blood now

As I vision yo' face up in the clouds, rest in peace


If you feelin' like we feelin' now

Stuck in the rain while it's pouring down

Thinking 'bout my homie, where the time goes

Wish you never would have left us but that's selfish, though

For real...


Sittin' on the porch, blazin' blunts I see yo' face

Comin' through the gate I swear to God I saw it today

My heart beatin fast, you lookin' like you comin' my way

It playback in my dome cause I can't let you stray

I'm your dog, you my Loc and that's forever, sho'

I get that tat, I show you that, watch, we gon' blow

I hit the Hen for you, thinkin' sin for you

But I know you want a nigga to win, spend some ends for you

But the waterfalls in my eyes don't lie

The waterfalls in my eyes don't dry, you my nigga

You got yo' wings now, no more nicotine now

No more blackin out, no more talk rowd'

Now thou shall disrespect Payback

The resurrection-like comeback

But the Lord'll make you devil niggas lay flat, uh huh

For the love of this my nigga shall ????? like what

Payback rest in peace, never mentally deceased, we love you



I can't believe my nigga Payback...(Payback)

Shot over some bullshit, man (fuckin' bullshit)

The shit is gonna affect for us a long muthafuckin time (Full Clipp)

Rest in peace homie


Pour the liquor for they loved ones

I give it all for my loved ones

Won't let the world forget where you came from

The Full Clippers - we all shedin' tears

We all wish to God you was here

But since you passed we feel we gots to still smash

For real, mash on these niggas with the scrutiny flows, we all ask

Why the hell it had to happen to us?

Why this nigga had to bust?

Turned the homie to dust and still live

And it's nothin that we wouldn't give

I can't believe I lost a G

Before we got in the game, I feel a chill

In my heart still, whatever we do

It playin' a part still

We still split that mill with your moms, it's all real


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