1st S.C.C. came at your ass with 'South Central Madness'

Some of them muthafuckas didn't wanna give us our side respect

Now S.C.C. doin they shit South Central style

[Havikk The Rhime Son]


I let your fuckin brain hit the concrete

And jiggedy-jock your fuckin ass into dog meat

South Central Cartel gives a fuck so it's mayhem

A laceration of your ass limp

7 bold muthafuckas with a G-swing

A G-thang on your ass like a dawg, mayn

Playback-nigga chalk that

Get your ass rat-packed

With Glock lead in your nutt sacks

I'm Hoo-ridin like Tyson -I guess it's on

To brake a muthafuckin bone straight towards your dome

Niggas thought I was a no-no a fuckin so-so

Tryin to float -oh no, you better duck loc

Hoes jock real niggas, I guess they figure

Real niggas take notes,shit,get the picture

9-3 is the terrior callin a ?Paul-bearin?

I'm khaki-suited and your bitch is tearin

Put your ass in a skillet

Peel your fuckin cap back

Pull out my dick and piss all in it

I got a scoap that'll buck a muthafucka from a mile bitch

And I do it South Central Style

[Chorus x2]

Do it S.C.

Do it S.C.

Muthafucka do it South Central style (muthafucka)


Brakin muthafuckas off quicker

S.C.'s back bitch

But now it's time to paint another picture

I'm killin a nigga with my Nina

Buck to your damn dome

I told you muthafuckas 'bring it on!'

Cause real niggas ain't sleeping

And O.G.'s don't die and only poof-butt muthafuckas cry

The other level of a Die Hard

Duckin the buckshots and pull them muthafuckas like a Hoe-card

Played pussy, get fucked up

Knocked out in a hood where my homeboys roll tough

Weak niggas can't fade this

A born killer the shit you be seein in a thriller

But 'Chucky' won't die 'Chucky' won't die bitch

A find a poor muthafucka and I kill it

And while you die I survive

Then creep on another hoe

And drop his ass like a '64

It's just a G-thang niggas straight street-bang

You either hang with a gang or you dope slang

Bandanas on my ass [???] and a Nine G

That's how I do it in the S.C.

[Chorus x2]


[Havikk The Rhime Son]

We do it like a G cause we're loc'd

And nigga's outta line

??? to get they punk-ass smoked

I give 'em the backs cause it's like this

In '93 I'm brakin the niggas off with a new twist

The Cartel ain't for bustas

Stinky cock bitches

Who only want a nigga for the riches

Only the real know the deal

So the real niggas stay down

And let the punk niggas get clowned

The county blues never stop shit

Eastside Hoo-ridin mutahfuckas on load clips

Rat-a-tat muthafuck 'em

I can't wait to cross 'em

A G on a set 'Prod buck 'em

Put a nigga deep in a whole where it's cold as a freezer

And body-bag them muthafuckin skeezer

Yeah, I told you stupid muthafuckas I was rollin

I'm on your ass like a cancer on a colon

Put niggas in a meat wagon

My pants keep saggin

187 on the grand dragon

Khakied up with my fingers on the muthafuckin trigger

I do it S.C. style nigga

[Chorus x2]

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