I pled allegiance to the muthafuckin streets of South Central

And for the gangsta shit for which is there

7 criminals under guard with a fuckin A-K

For no justice is served

So it's spray-day

N gatz we trust muthafuckas


19-19-199 muthafuckin 3

Yeah on your muthafuckin ass nigga

Takin 'em to the other muthafuckin level nigga

To you PROD'


I'm from a hood where the niggas never fuck around

They kick your muthafuckin ass if you try to clown

The Cartel got the moves of a muthafuckin gangsta

So run up and get bankrupt

I tried to flip [?] my last shit

But other brothers started trippin on my click bitch

And you know I don't play that

Homies doin drive-byes for the payback

Yeah, you didn't think I knew my shit yes

You never saw me

And figured I was fakin on the G-ness

But bring it on and I'ma flip your monkey ass into a coma

With shitty-ass drawers all on ya

[?] in tha 9-3

Rollin deep as the figure hoes cock on the one way

Comin up for a rowdy

Slangin these thangs cause the nigga live foully

Snipin one time from my roof cause I hate parks pigs

On the slap pullin off [?]

One time for a O.G.

The 87's gettin down with the S.C.

90's, 60's break peace

East Coast and the block G's, Hoover Crips and the 40's

School Yard, Shotgun, Averline too

Won't sleep on the S.C.C. crew

And if the D.L.'s, Pueblos and Nic's wanna choose this

The Bounty Hunters and the Roose, bitch

Wanna rock with the show-no

Let 'em know South Central jumpin off with a new touch

The Cartel still funky

Kickin more ass than a pissed-off donkey

All about the truece if you ain't down nigga shut the fuck up and listen

And let a true nigga keep pinchin

Rhymes on the real while you weak-weaks drop like a pebble

We take it to another damn level


Bring it on, bring it on, we take it to the other level

Bring it on, bring it on, muthafucka


Locs still rollin deep niggaro so here we go

Crease the khakis hit the muthafuckin Figuero

I'm from a city muthafuckas better bring it on

And mafiatic muthafuckas get the clown on

Cause that gangsta rhyme has got you goin in circles

The Grape Street spoke purple

Chillin in the hood with the 90's

The Front Streets, Back Streets and the 30's

Santanas got the shit muthafuckas can't fuck with

So in the Kitchen Roads yo it's all about truece bitch

Hoes jock cause I'm jockable

Try to ride the Havikkal dick but my dick's not ridable

P.J.'s, 43's don't trip, comin G cool

Keep a glock for a dumb fool

The 64's drop low

The Fruit Town Villains and the Swans actin loc'd

Long Beach, Main Street, ????????, Inglewood and don't forget Compton

Tragniew, they keep stompin

S.C.C. bail deep, 18's get they mob on

The Broadways don't sleep homes

Kelly Park, Lime Hood be down with the real shit

And Tree Top don't play bitch

And if you figure I'm a so-so

Bring your ass to my hood: 92nd Street in Figuero

In the hood's packed Glocks

Swans gettin licked on the Compton blocks

99's down for the kill, one time muthafuckers can't creep

83'll put that ass on sleep

The 87 gangstas, the West Coast headbangers

East Side wallstreet slangers

And Jordan Downs wanna rock with my crew

Let's bring the shit together with the red and the blue (peace)

Cause Lantana, Atlantic Drivers breakin niggas off quick G

They gettin funky with the S.C.

[Chorus x3]


Muthafuckin Rhimeson is here

And I wanna say peace to all the Crips and Bloods all over the muthafuckin world


All you muthafuckas down with the truece

All the Ese's, all the muthafuckin Cholos down with South Central


To all you true ass gangstas, stay together

Cause the S.C.C. has got peace and love for ya


Yeah I wanna give a shout to the Front Street, the Back Street,

The Bluegate Mafia and the Hustler Nation

Peace out from the Murder Squad

[DJ Gripp]

Straight out

Yo I wanna give a shout out to all my niggas in the pen

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