Sleepless - Lying In Wait lyrics

Painted in black, our truths and the lies

But out lips and the body have lost control

Textures and patterns of those who defeat

The memory reminds my soul

So I'm standing now waiting for you

No, I'm lying in wait with nothing to do

Injured my flesh, the skin and the bones

But the nerves are right - or not - they're wrong

Pictures and sounds of those I would die from

Memories will make me strong

It's my hell


Fall for me

Be with me this night, I'm lonely, it's so cold

Dream with me this night, I'm lonely growing old

Take the time and find your dark reality

Kil the lights inside and lose idenitity

Cold are my hands

Hot is my heart

Logic has crushed me

Right from the start

And for those of you

That light isn't true

The pain, the guilt

Vanishes, fades away and away...

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