Skrewdriver - Voice of Britain lyrics

No-one can tell what is 'round the bend

Don't side with the other side, 'cos if you do we'll find you

Want to know exactly if you classify as friends


'Cause this is the voice (the voice), the voice (the voice) of Britain

And you better believe it

The voice (the voice), the voice (the voice) of Britain

Come on and fly the flag now

It's a time when our old people cannot walk the streets alone

Fought for this nation is this all they get back?

Risked their lives for Britain, but now Britain belongs to aliens

'Bout time that the British went and took their Britain back


Now we'll have a go at the TV and the papers

And all the media Zionists that like to keep us quiet

Trying to bleed our country, they're the leeches of the nation

We won't give up quickly, we're going to stand and fight

[alternative last two lines in live set]

Started a war with Germany, and gave away our Empire

Remember Adolf Hitler, remember Crystal Night!

(chorus x4)

Come on Britain awake now

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