Skrewdriver - Tomorrow is Always Too Late lyrics

You tell me what you'd like to do, but I don't want to know

My only interest is today, and where we want to go

We need the people to awake, and fight for us right now

'Cos we will never be enslaved by the Zionist master plan


Tomorrow is always too late

We should never sit around and wait

Tomorrow is always too late

Get out there and do something today

Our enemies are capitalists, communists as well

Both these forms of evil are raining our death knell

We salute the troops of yesterday, who fought the Marxist plague

And we will carry on your fight as the White men of today

(Repeat Chorus)

We must remain true to our cause, for comrades thrown in gaol

For their sake and sacrifice, we must never fail

For Crane and Pearce and Kuehnen too, and Eriksson as well

For the lonely man in Spandau, our efforts they must tell

(Repeat Chorus)

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