Skrewdriver - The Jewel in the Sea lyrics

You're walking along a wind-swept seafront with the cold north wind in your hair

You're looking out over the restless sea all you ever seem to do is stare

Over there beyond the white-flecked waves and the mist that spoils your view

Like a jewel in the sea is your country of old, the place that means everything to you

You may like the place that you're living in now but the place you really want to be

Is your country of birth, yeah the place you grew up, the jewel in the sea


Back to the jewel in the sea

The place that means everything to me

A land that is beautiful and free

Back to the jewel in the sea

You're wondering why you ever went away, you're missing everything you've known

Silly little things like the lake down in the park and wondering if the trees have grown

You miss the food and the friendly atmosphere, the morning papers and the tea

You're getting homesick 'cos you're thinking back, of the jewel in the sea

(Repeat Chorus)


(Repeat Chorus)

You've made up you're mind, go down the travel agency and book a ticket on the plane

You're happier now than you've been for several years, 'cos you're going back home again

You've been a traveler for quite a few years, but you're going where you want to be

Back to the place where you were born and bred, back to the jewel in the sea

(Repeat Chorus)

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