Skrewdriver - Tearing Down the Wall lyrics

It's been a long wait now, 1945

Lot of people've paid for it with their lives

Those people have risked it, to unite their blood

To tear it down, if only they could


Tearing down the wall

Got to see it fall

Strength of Europe's people, gave reds their ( ? )

Now Europe starts to hear, its people's cries

The Allies are playing with European blood

It seems like a game of chess, from where I'm stood

(Repeat Chorus)

Middle Eight:

We're tearing, yeah tearing, tearing down the wall

Got to, got to, we've got to see it fall

We're tearing, we're tearing, tearing down the wall

We've got to, we've got to, we've got to see it fall

It's been there for too long, try to tear it down

Lots of Marxist strongholds all around

European people, should reign in peace

Not be controlled by the terror from the East

(Repeat Chorus) x2

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