Skrewdriver - Soldier of Freedom lyrics

I don't fight for the money, don't fight for blood

I'm fighting for freedom, I know where I'm stood

I fight for the nations, that haven't yet died

I fight to stop Russia, creating a world of sighs


I'm a soldier of freedom

I'm a soldier of freedom

A soldier of freedom fights Reds

I fought in the Congo, stood against the Reds

I fought in Angola, but the Red disease, it spread

I fought in Rhodesia, against the media's pets,

Now I see democracy suspended by it's neck

(Repeat Chorus)

I fought in Afghanistan, but the tentacles spread

I'm suprised at the speed with which the people forget

We're sending Russia food now, feeding Russia grain

I hope it ain't your land, when Russia invades again, and they will

(Repeat Chorus) x2

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