Skrewdriver - Invasion lyrics

It was much much worse in the cold daylight

There's hundreds of tanks and thousands of men

And helicopters buzzing right above your head


Oh no, it's an invasion, invasion

Oh no, it's an invasion, invasion

They're moving out of cities, they're moving out of towns

If you're caught resisting you're quickly mown down

Everybody's running, but they don't know where

So long as they escape, well they just don't care


You can't understand, why they murder your land

But you can't fight a tank with a stick

And you want to fight back, but the future is black

And the killing is making you sick

The tanks pass by, in a never ending line

Not a man or a woman is spared

And then you wonder why, no help does arrive

The world doesn't seem to care

You've formed a small resistance, you've got a few guns

You plan a small ambush, but you end up on the run

You're running through the foothills, but you'll never make your cave

You're just another rebel in an unmarked grave


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