Skrewdriver - Flying the Flag lyrics

We live on the streets now, we fight for our lives

We fight for the flag now, we're all willing to die

We don't run from anyone, we never back down

If we see a Red flag, we tear it to the ground


Flying the flag, we fight the Red peril

Flying the flag, we'll fight 'till we die

Flying the flag, we'll never give up now

Flying the flag, we hold our heads high

Survival is our life, we live from day to day

You never know who you're going to meet in our money making state

Everybody lives here now, the dustbin of the world

An unwelcome pool of labor, with our promises of pearls

(Repeat Chorus)

For so long now, we've heard their lies

When will they heed our people's cries

When our people take that bitter pill

If the Reds don't kill you, the rich man will.

Take it from me now, we haven't got long

Just follow your feelings, the media's always wrong

They're making up stories, to cover themselves

They're lining they're pockets with the nation's hard earned wealth

(Repeat Chorus)

Flying the flag

Flying the flag

Flying the flag today

Flying the flag

Flying the flag

Flying the flag okay!

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