Shakira - & Quot;whenever, Wherever & Quot ;

Hey little girl you're runnin all over town

I know about you yeah you really get around

Well I hate to say it but your clothes don't fit you right

And tonight I think you've got your hot pants on too tight


You're always wearing those hot pants

You say you're lookin for romance

But when I 'm around you know you haven't got a chance

You're always wearing those hot pants

But I know that no one wants to dance with you tonight

Hey little girl you're tryin to get with my guy

I've got two words hands off or baby I'll make you cry

I don't pull hair and I don't fight dirty

But piss me off at 9 and you're lunchmeat by 9:30

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Well you've got the moves but your hair is so last year

And you've got the attitude but you're wearing your headgear

Everybody knows you put the ho in ho ho's

And you're in my face and I wanna break your nose

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