SHAHJAHAN movie - Jab Dil Hi Toot Gaya lyrics


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

Occupying space through time

And we give you "The Rhyming"

Murdering mindlessness, lose consciousness

Minds possessed, (name) wont hurt ya I'm just stressed

I stepped and stubbed so many toes I'm left with bruising feet

Confront the inner child inside about the losing streak (SE)

Ya'll should lose your teeth when you abuse the speech

I got endless epilogues with different stoops to preach

Ya crews is weak cant talk your way out but use tools to speak (SE)

No Artvoice its muffled voice channel 4 news is leaked

Into pores, entered Matrix and paused (SE)

Played Russian roulette with rifles and gods

Trifling odds to visualize the concept of paying Adelphia's cost

Deciphering the lines in my lime green bars

That scroll down, I'm whole now but two halves did split

My life ... but you don't know the half of it

Guessing like a half wit I'll tell you suck my dick (SE)

Like that old chick from that Lake Placid flick

Mastered this to the point where I can disappear and reappear like a magic trick

Imagine this, I'm Houdini surviving water tricks as a vocabulist

I'll take the insecure mind of a dime convert her to a catalyst

You wanna battle this at the bar? trying to get drunk (SE)

So I'll let you spit your verse and feel you made me a chump

But when the cd gets released

You'll realize that me and Aston Kutcher got you punked

I'm trying to let you work out your throat with a knot lump

Make you feel like Private Pile from soap on the top bunk

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